Laparoscopic vs Open surgery in hernia

Laparoscopic vs Open surgery hernia

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Laparoscopic and open surgery both have advantages and disadvantages it’s based on patient condition and preference it’s chosen

laparoscopic vs open surgery in hernia

In laparoscopic mesh repair short recovery time, and much smaller scars and it also has some drawbacks. In larger hernia or hernia that is present for over a long period of time open, and occasionally needs to convert laparoscopic to open to minimize tissue damage or bleeding

Benefits of laparoscopy in hernia?

Early recovery, short hospital stay, Early return to work, less postoperative pain, Cosmetically better, decreased incidence of wound complication.

Benefits of Open Surgery?

Cost effective, easily available at most places, does not require advanced equipment and composite mesh, can be done under regional anesthesia, suitable for larger defects, best option in obstructed and strangulated hernias.

Laparoscopic VS open surgery which one to choose?

Laparoscopic surgery is best for hernia repair since the patient has early recovery, short hospital stay, is cosmetically better & has less complication. However, in Both cases, it is advised to consult the Best Hernia Surgeon for Treatment.

Symptoms of hernia

  • Dragging abdominal pain
  • swelling in the anterior abdominal wall with cough impulse
  • nausea, vomiting & obstipation in case of obstruction/strangulation.

Risk factors of hernia?

  • Smoking,
  • Old age,
  • multiparity,
  • chronic cough/constipation,
  • connective tissue disorder


Laparoscopic surgery is considered to be the better option compared to Open Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery also has many advantages when it comes to the Recovery , complication and Diet after Hernia Surgery

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