Is Hernia Surgery Painful

Is Hernia Surgery Painful?

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Are you waiting for your hernia surgery? Are you afraid that it might be painful? It is good to know about the surgery you will be undertaking and prepare beforehand accordingly.

Hernia surgery, like any surgical procedure, can cause pain. Two kinds of surgery are available for repairing a hernia: open and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Open surgery causes more pain than minimally invasive surgical techniques like laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Rest assured, the choice of hernia surgery can significantly impact your pain levels. You will be provided with effective pain management, including prescribed painkillers, to ensure your comfort during the recovery period. So, face your hernia surgery without worries and look forward to a life free from hernia complications.

Pain During Hernia Surgery

You will be administered either local or general anesthesia during hernia repair surgery. So you will not experience any pain during surgery.

If you experience any discomfort under local anesthesia, you can convey it to the hernia surgeon during surgery.

Pain After Hernia Surgery

You can experience significant pain after the hernia surgery when the influence of the anesthesia wears off. Your healthcare provider would prescribe painkillers for you to cope with the pain after hernia surgery.
The prescribed painkillers will be more than enough to manage the pain. Avoid over-the-counter medications and abuse of the prescribed painkillers to relieve post-surgery pain.

What Else Should You Expect After a Hernia Repair Surgery?

Adhere to specific guidelines after your hernia repair surgery. The duration of your hospital stay will depend on the type of surgery you undergo (open or minimally invasive) and your overall health condition.

Other things you must look out for after a hernia repair surgery would be:

  • Avoid driving till you stop taking your painkillers
  • Avoid a post-hernia surgery-inappropriate diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Avoid intercourse
  • Avoid lifting weights
  • Involving in strainful exercises, and so on.

Things to Do After Hernia Surgery

Following the practices can help you recover from your hernia repair surgery more easily:

  • Take the prescribed medications regularly
  • Drink an adequate amount of water to prevent constipation
  • Take an appropriate post-hernia surgery diet
  • Eat food in small quantities at regular intervals
  • Intake of food and water in limited quantities to avoid bloating and to allow easy digestion
  • Sleep with your head in an elevated position to allow for faster digestion and prevent heartburn
  • Do minimal exercising like walking

Should I Opt for a Hernia Surgery?

Choosing to undergo hernia surgery is a proactive step toward your health. While you can try various remedies to manage the pain caused by hernia side effects, surgery is the only way to recover from a hernia fully. Opting for elective surgery before the hernia becomes complex and life-threatening can provide you with peace of mind and a quicker recovery.

Also, it is better to opt for elective surgery before the hernia turns complex and life-threatening. Look out for the signs of a hernia getting complicated, like darkening of the skin in the hernia region, sharp pain, constipation, nausea, and so on. If you encounter any signs, go for a hernia repair as quickly as possible.


Modern surgical procedures like laparoscopy and robotic surgeries have reduced the surgery pain to a greater extent. The pain caused due to hernia repair surgery can be alleviated using painkillers as well. Pain is, above all, a subjective experience. Thus, your capability to bear pain can determine the pain of your hernia surgery.

Choose a trusted hernia specialist for hernia repair and face the surgery without fear. You will have a successful hernia repair surgery.

In case you are worried about pain during hernia repair surgery and wish to know more about how to deal with it, you can contact me at our clinic.


How much does it cost to repair a hernia?

The cost of repairing a hernia is based on the kind of hernia, choice of surgery, choice of surgeon, and other factors. You can visit the clinic’s website or in person and inquire about the cost of the hernia repair surgery. In India, hernia repair surgery costs a minimum of Rs.50,000.

Is it necessary to repair a hernia?

Yes, it is highly important to repair a hernia. Opting for an elective hernia repair will prevent complications and other untoward scenarios.

Should I not smoke after a hernia repair surgery?

Yes, you must not smoke after a hernia repair surgery. Smoking can prevent muscle-building and cause your surgical wounds not to heal faster. You will be asked to avoid smoking even days before hernia repair surgery for a safer surgical outcome.

Dr. K. Amilthan MBBS., MS., FMAS., FALS.

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Dr. Amilthan

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