How to Reduce Hernia Without Surgery

How to Reduce Hernia Without Surgery?

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If only we knew how to repair a hernia without any surgical intervention, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, fixing a hernia without surgery is not possible as it is an anatomical defect.

You can treat the effects of your hernia with medications. However, for complete recovery, you would require a surgical intervention.

This article will guide you through the ways you can temporarily relieve the effects of a hernia and when to visit a doctor.

Is it Possible to Reduce Hernia Without Surgery?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reduce or heal a hernia without surgery. If your hernia is small and painless, and you can wait for surgery to get it repaired, you can try some methods to manage the symptoms and reduce the effects of the hernia. However, surgery is the ideal way to repair a hernia completely

Many use trusses, herbal medications, and manual manipulation in an attempt to reduce hernia without surgery, which are not ideal helpers in solving the hernia problem.

Trusses are supportive garments that can push the bulging hernia back to its position and offer temporary relief. However, improper usage of the truss could cause skin irritation and more uncomfortable situations.

Herbal supplements cannot push back a hernia to its place and seal the weak spot. Some herbal supplements can even make the medicines you are taking ineffective.

Manual manipulation of the hernia by pushing it back to its place can sometimes cause the hernia to get strangulated or injure the surrounding tissues.

How to Temporarily Reduce Hernia Pain?

There are some remedies to relieve hernia pain temporarily. Those include:

  • Avoiding lifting heavy weights
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Modifying your diet
  • Exercising
  • Using an ice pack
  • Following up with the healthcare provider

1.Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights

Avoiding lifting heavy weights is crucial to prevent your hernia from getting severe. Once you are diagnosed with a hernia, stay away from lifting weights that could potentially strain it.

2.Maintain a Healthy Weight

People with a BMI (Body Mass Index) that is not ideal for their health can suffer from straining their hernia. So, if you are obese, try reducing some weight through an appropriate diet. This will help prevent your hernia from getting complicated easily.

3.Modify Your Diet

Take a hernia-friendly diet to prevent heartburn, indigestion, constipation, bloating, or other side effects that could hurt your hernia more. There are certain foods that you must avoid upon hernia diagnosis. Take careful note of your hernia period diet and be ailments-free.


Regular exercise can improve your overall fitness and even aid in healthy digestion. Light activities like walking, cycling, and swimming are great ways to start, and can be done with your doctor’s approval. However, for gym enthusiasts, focusing on strenuous workouts might not be ideal. Lifting heavy weights with weak core muscles can increase the risk of hernias. Consulting your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially weightlifting, is crucial to ensure proper form and prevent injuries.

5.Using an Ice Pack

An ice pack can help soothe any burning sensation in your hernia region. You can also apply cooling gels to that area.

6.Follow-up with Healthcare Provider

Following up with a healthcare provider is the best way to counter the side effects of a hernia. Opt for prescribed medications rather than over-the-counter medications to help you with relieving pain and other side effects of the hernia.

When to Visit a Doctor?

Visit a doctor immediately if you encounter any of the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness, etc.

These symptoms indicate that your hernia might have been incarcerated, obstructed, or strangulated.


Reducing hernia without surgery may not be possible. However, you can counter the side effects of a hernia through certain remedies.

Do not be afraid to take up surgeries to repair your hernia. The field of medicine has advanced surgery option and new techniques today that can help you repair your hernia effectively. With the elective hernia surgery decision, you can prevent the hernia from getting complicated and fix it using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

So, repair your hernia as early as possible using minor surgeries and lead a hernia-free life.


Can hernias go away without surgery?

No, hernias do not go away on their own, as they are anatomical defects. You can use medications to reduce the effects of the hernia, but you must undergo surgery to get complete relief from hernia.

Are there exercises that can help reduce hernia symptoms?

You can do low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, light jogging, cycling, and other exercises that your healthcare provider has consented to while you have been diagnosed with a hernia. However, there is no guarantee that these exercises will reduce the effects of your hernia symptoms.

Are there any risks associated with non-surgical hernia treatment options?

There are no effective non-surgical hernia treatments available so far. By using trusses or herbal supplements, you may miss addressing the root cause of the hernia and fail to repair it completely. Also, as an anatomical defect, hernias require surgical intervention for complete repair.

Dr. K. Amilthan MBBS., MS., FMAS., FALS.

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Dr. Amilthan

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