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Hernias do not get healed on their own. A hernia occurs when the internal parts or fatty tissue protrude through a weak spot in the body.

The protruded or herniated body parts must be moved to their original position and the weak spot must be sealed to prevent future herniation for which human intervention through surgical procedures is required. Thus hernias do not heal by themselves and require surgical intervention for complete repair.

Hernia symptoms however can be managed through medications, lifestyle modifications, and other practices.

Do Hernias Ever Just Go Away?

Unfortunately, hernias do not go away on their own, and attempting to reduce a hernia to avoid surgery is not possible. Once a hernia develops, it can only be repaired through surgical procedures. Since hernias involve the tearing of muscle walls and displacement of body parts, medications alone cannot rectify the condition.

Mildly painful hernias can be managed without surgery if they do not become complicated. However, they will not be completely cured or resolve spontaneously.

Are There Any Nonsurgical Treatments for Hernias?

Complete repairing of the hernia requires surgical intervention. However, if the situation demands and when you are unable to undertake a hernia repair surgery like in the case of incisional hernias below the arcuate line, you can adopt a corset repair technique.

In this technique, a hernia belt, also known as a truss, is provided for wearing under your garments. The truss applies pressure on the area of the hernia defect, forcing the herniated parts to return from their displaced position.

A hernia belt or truss does not guarantee complete repair of the hernia. You can use it only when you are highly unable to undertake a hernia surgery.

Temporary Hernia Treatments

You can find temporary relief from hernia ailments through certain lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and massages.

Some of the temporary hernia treatments include:

  • Quitting smoking and alcohol
  • Eating liquid-based and mashed foods
  • Avoiding spicy, acidic, caffeine, and nicotine-based products of consumption
  • Preferring warm or cold foods over hot foods
  • Applying proper massage in the herniated region
  • Not going to bed immediately after consuming food
  • Sleeping by keeping the head in an elevated position
  • Taking medications prescribed by a hernia specialist to address the hernia side effects
  • Avoiding over-the-counter medications

You can consult your hernia specialist regarding temporary solutions to your hernia as well. But, these tips can only get you so far. You may need to take up a hernia repair surgery before the hernia gets severe or complicated.

What Happens if You Do Not Get Your Hernia Fixed?

You will have to carry your hernia through life if you do not get your hernia fixed.

The need for hernia repair is repeatedly insisted as hernias pose a threat of getting complicated sooner in most cases. A complicated hernia can turn fatal to a person’s life.

Hernia complications include strangulation, incarceration, and obstruction. These hernia complications can cause the herniated body parts to get stuck inside the hernia sac, get twisted, or cause the ceasing of blood flow to them. In such circumstances, the hernia would turn fatal to the patient.

Thus a complicated hernia must be treated as soon as possible. However, it is better and advisable to treat a hernia before it gets complicated.


Treating a hernia through home remedies or lifestyle modifications has its own limits. A hernia cannot be completely cured through such self-treatments or medications.

A complicated hernia is not a preferable situation. So, to ensure that a hernia does not pose a threat to a person’s life it is highly recommended to undertake a hernia surgery.

Consult a hernia specialist as soon as you detect a hernia and get the right treatment.

To know more about treating hernias and hernias getting healed on their own, consult a hernia specialist.


How long can a hernia go untreated?

A hernia can go untreated as long as it does not cause any complications. The prognosis or prediction of a hernia cannot be determined. So it is better to treat a hernia as soon as possible

How to fix a hernia without surgery?

It is highly impossible to fix a hernia without surgery. You can take treatments to counter the side effects of a hernia. But to completely repair a hernia you will require a hernia repair surgery.

How can I push a hernia back in place?

Truss or hernia belts can help push the contents of a hernia back to its place. You can also apply a gentle massage under proper guidance on the hernia region to send the herniated parts back to their place.

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