How to Prepare for Hiatal Hernia Surgery

How to Prepare for Hiatal Hernia Surgery

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Diagnosed with hiatal hernia and preparing for the surgery? First of all, fighting! You can do it!

Keeping your body and mind ready to face the surgery should be your priority.

And if you need to learn how to prepare for hiatal hernia surgery, here we are at your service to help you out the best.

Preparation for Hiatal Hernia Surgery

The period of preparation can be hard. And you might feel like giving up most of the time.

Yet even small actions can make a huge difference. So we have broken down all that you have to do to prepare for hiatal hernia surgery into smaller bits. This will help you navigate through your preparation easily and effectively.

Do your best to prepare for the hiatal surgery. Success awaits you!

Start Taking Medications as Suggested

Your healthcare provider would suggest the medicines you should take based on the need for the surgery and your medical history. You will be mostly suggested medicines that reduce heartburn and stomach acid reflux.

You would have to stop taking blood-thinning medications such as Plavix, Coumadin, Aspirin, and so on.

Consult with your physician before the surgery if you have difficulty taking or giving up on any medication.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can be challenging. But a little discomfort is worth all the surgical success.

Avoid spicy foods that could increase your acid reflux.

Sit straight for at least an hour before going to bed after dinner.

Sleep with your head elevated on the pillow.

Wear clothes that do not constrict your chest area.

Quit Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can increase the complications following surgery. Also,

Nicotine-based products can prevent surgical wounds from healing and cause infections.

You will most likely be tested before surgery for possible smoking or alcohol consumption. If found so, the surgery would be canceled.

Try to Work on Your Fitness

Trying to stay fit at least around the time of surgery can aid in the success of the surgery and faster recovery.

You can choose exercises such as walking or light jogging to do on days before surgery.

What to Wear During the Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

You will be provided with a hospital gown during surgery. Make sure to leave back your jewelry or any other accessories before entering the operation room.

What Foods to Take Before Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

Hiatal hernia surgery would require an operation on the diaphragm and stomach. And you will be administered anesthesia during surgery. So your diet has to be modified to accommodate the surgery.

If there is any specific diet your surgeon suggests, do follow it before surgery.

Or else, stick to a liquid-based, low-sugar diet as juices and milk. Incorporate adequate proteins as well into your diet.

Follow this post-op diet from at least two days before the hiatal hernia surgery.

What Foods to Avoid Before Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

Avoid vitamin E-based foods as they can not help with blood clotting. Also, avoid carbonated drinks before the surgery.

You have to go on a fast at least eight hours before the surgery. Avoid any kind of food and water around this time.

Hiatal Hernia Surgery: What to Expect?

Days before hiatal hernia surgery you would have to take an image of your upper digestive system. An endoscopy would be required to examine your digestive tract.

Your surgeon may suggest esophageal manometry as well. It is a test to measure your esophageal muscle contractions.

Follow any other instructions of your physician and expect a successful surgery.

A Final Word

Following the above-listed practices can help you better with hiatal hernia surgery.

Changing habits can be hard. But think of the positive and sweet results that await you. Surround yourself with enough support and face the surgery day bravely.

Wishing you the best for your preparation and success on your hiatal hernia surgery!

Have more doubts regarding hiatal hernia surgery preparation? Talk to your hernia specialist.


1) Should I quit smoking before hiatal hernia surgery?

Yes, it is advisable to quit smoking before hernia surgery. Smoking is prone to cause reduced blood flow and impact the immune system. This can reduce the chances of surgical wounds getting healed quicker and can cause infections.

2) Is hiatal hernia surgery scary?

Hiatal hernia surgery is a serious surgery. But you need not worry about it. The surgical field is updated with advanced laparoscopic instruments and surgical methods to assist you with your surgery. You will require only a few days of hospitalization and can recover within two months of the surgery.

3) Can I eat processed food before hiatal hernia surgery?

It is best to avoid any kind of food at least eight hours before hiatal hernia surgery. Since you will be administered anesthesia before the surgery food in the stomach can turn dangerous.

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