Hiatal hernia surgery weight loss

Hiatal hernia surgery weight loss

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If you have undergone hiatal hernia surgery recently and are experiencing weight loss, do not worry.

Hiatal hernia surgery resulting in weight loss is normal unless there is a drastic weight reduction accompanied by painful complications.

Here we elaborate on what to expect concerning weight loss and hiatal hernia surgery.

Understanding Weight Loss After Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Experiencing gradual weight loss after hiatal hernia surgery is normal. This is due to factors such as diet taken around the period of surgery, lifestyle changes, and so on.

You can regain the weight lost after hiatal hernia surgery when you return to having your normal diet and regular lifestyle practices.

Causes of Weight Loss After Hiatal Hernia Surgery

The reasons for weight loss after hiatal hernia surgery include:

  • Changes in Diet: You would have been advised by your healthcare provider to opt for a pre-op diet for hiatal hernia surgery. This is intended to address the discomforts caused by the side effects of hiatal hernia.
  • Also, you would be prescribed a special diet after hiatal hernia surgery. This is to aid the recovery process after hiatal hernia surgery.
  • These changes in diet can have a weight reduction impact on your body.
  • Increase in Metabolism: Your body would naturally require more energy for the healing process after the surgery. This will increase your metabolism leading to the expense of calories and thus weight loss.
  • Stress: Stressing too much about the surgery and other stuff can also have an impact on your body weight, especially in an adverse manner.
  • Nausea and Loss of Appetite: The hiatal hernia surgery may be followed by nausea and aversion toward food in particular due to digestion issues. This can also lead to reduced weight.
  • Continued Period of Inactivity: Staying in bed and inactive for a longer time can result in loss of muscle mass.

Connection Between Hiatal Hernias and Weight Loss

Hiatal hernias do not cause weight loss for everyone. It differs from individual to individual.

Hiatal hernia surgery is marked with weight loss because of the dietary and lifestyle changes patients are required to modify before and after the surgery.

Before Hiatal Hernia Surgery: If you have unhealthy dietary practices and obesity, your hernia surgeon may advise you to exercise, cut on unhealthy foods, and lose some weight to ease the hiatal hernia surgery process and recovery.

After Hiatal Hernia Surgery: After the surgery, you will have to stick to the diet and lifestyle modifications prescribed by the doctor to have a faster and more successful recovery rate.

While adhering to these pre and post hiatal hernia surgical protocols you may lose some weight

Managing Weight Loss After Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Do not get alarmed if you are losing weight gradually because of the lifestyle changes you adopted for the hiatal hernia surgery.

Contact your hernia surgeon immediately if you find drastic changes in body weight alongside adverse consequences after the surgery.

You can manage weight loss after hiatal hernia surgery through:

  • Including enough nutrition in your diet
  • Following the right post-operation diet
  • Intaking an adequate amount of water
  • Taking enough rest
  • Involving in moderate exercises
  • Staying stress-free
  • Adhering to doctor’s prescription

Foods to Take to Manage Weight Loss

Take foods that are rich in micro and macronutrients and at the same time friendly to your digestive tract to manage weight loss after hiatal hernia surgery.

Include food like:

  • Lean meat such as chicken and fish for proteins
  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt with low-fat content
  • Grains and cereals
  • Rice and pasta
  • Vegetables and fruits that are not acidic


Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider concerning dealing with hiatal hernia and its effects.

If you have any concerns, clarify them with your doctor and act upon the prescription.

Going through hiatal hernia surgery can be tough. The preparation and aftermath of the surgery can also be overwhelming. So surround yourself with a healthy support system to help you through the surgery and recovery time.

To know more about hiatal hernia surgery weight loss please contact a hernia specialist.


1) Do bananas help hiatal hernia?

Yes, bananas can help you by providing enough nutrition. It also has a good water content. Bananas do not hurt your tummy if taken in moderation and are friendly to the mucus lining of the esophagus. So you can involve bananas in your hiatal hernia surgery diet.

2) Is drinking a lot of water good for hiatal hernia?

Drinking an adequate amount of water is good at any time. With hiatal hernia just make sure that you do not stuff your stomach and digestive tract with water. Because a full stomach can increase the stress in your hernia region. Drink water in moderation or smaller quantities at regular intervals.

3) Can you eat eggs with hiatal hernia?

You can include eggs in your diet if you are suffering from hiatal hernia. Just make sure that the eggs are fully cooked and are completely chewed before swallowing.

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